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Naturally Kleen Coffee Maker Cleaner

Coffee Makers should be cleaned every month or 30 brew cycles. Our Coffee Maker Cleaner restores that old-fashioned pure coffee flavor!

Cleans all Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Percolators, Single Serve (e.g. Keurig) and Espresso Machines. Our proprietary formula dissolves unseen lime, calcium, and mineral scale that slows brewing time and lowers water temperature. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals and no unpleasant odor. Let Naturally Kleen do the work to ensure you and your family is safe from all the toxic and harmful chemicals found in most coffee maker cleaners.

Laboratory tests have proven we are as or more effective than the leading brands.

Directions For Use:

Single cup coffee maker

  1. Mix packet contents with 32oz of water, until dissolved.
  2. Pour into water reservoir.
  3. Do not put in cup or pod – but close handle or top.
  4. Place large mug on drip tray to catch solution.
  5. Run brew cycles until solution is used, run 2 to 3 tanks of water to flush clean.

Automatic Drip Coffeemakers

  1. Empty complete contents of one packet into coffee decanter filled to capacity with warm water.
  2. Mix thoroughly to dissolve ingredients. For 4 cup coffeemakers use approximately half a packet.
  3. Pour entire contents of decanter into coffeemaker.
  4. Place brew funnel into position on coffeemaker. Place empty decanter on hot plate. Turn unit on and let it empty completely into decanter.
  5. Turn unit off. Rinse decanter and brew funnel thoroughly with water.
  6. Pour decanter filled with clear water into coffeemaker unit. Turn unit on and let it run through cycle again.
  7. Coffeemaker has now been cleaned, rinsed with water and is ready for use.


  1. Empty complete contents of one packet into percolator filled with warm water. Mix thoroughly to dissolve ingredients.
  2. Place percolator tube and coffee basket into the percolator. Place lid on unit.
  3. Run percolator through normal cycle.
  4. Discard contents of percolator and rinse percolator and all parts thoroughly with water.
  5. Percolator has now been cleaned and is ready for normal use.

Contains 100% FCC (Food Chemical Codex) approved food grade ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Precipitated Silica

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